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Wide range of wall covering designs

Silk Plaster offers a wide range of wall covering designs it is a simple and effective way to add style and modern to your home r work place silk plaster is the ideal alternative to painting r covering your walls with wallpaper the silk plaster helps create high quality finishes to give any peace of your home r work place a fantastic beautiful modern appearance with a unique touch an style.

We have a wide range of fabulous colors various styles and designs available we add loads of glitter in our products to give that fantastic bling

All work carried out is to a top quality service with virtually no mess

The work we do with our products is sitting rooms hallways landing areas fire breasts kitchens bath rooms bedrooms an playrooms kids rooms

Silk plaster is a unique interior design product for walls

Silk plaster is the leader in alternative surfaces for walls the material gives the surfaces the effect of a sophisticated wallpaper covering

the covering consists only of natural products it gives a smooth finish even on rough or on uneven surfaces walls it gives the effect of stone and granite when its dry.


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