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About the company

The Silk Plaster company was founded in 1997 and since then we have been manufacturing our product using our own patented technologies. For over 25 years we have produced wall covering materials as the alternative DIY-product to decorate walls and ceilings. This is not only a long lasting decorative material, but also eco-friendly and affordable to everyone.
Silk Plaster implements advanced higher European standards and we work only with high-grade raw materials and first class equipment. Silk Plaster is registered as a company owned trademark. Production equipment of European manufacturers are modified by our own engineering staff to suit the unique manufacturing standards of our company. We constantly develop our company strategies in order to achieve the highest quality product. For the raw ingredients we use only products that have been ecologically sourced. SILK PLASTER has passed a range of testing and international certifications, which prove that our product is eco and nature-friendly.
Official offices operate in Berlin, Riga and Dubai. The Silk Plaster team is made up of highly qualified personnel including engineers, designers and managers. 

Due to Trademark concerns, in USA Silk Plaster brand is known as Silk Wallpaper by ARTinHome ®

In this time, Silk Plaster has achieved a leading market position and is consistently stable, strong and continues to grow in sales. Today we distribute SILK PLASTER all over the world.​

Silk Plaster is a regular participant at international fairs, where we are proud to present our unique alternative to the common wall covering solutions, such as wallpaper and paints. Our company constantly takes part in the largest building and interior exhibitions. In the spring of 2014, we and our dealers were involved in 9 exhibitions around the world: NORDBAT in France, NATIONAL HOME SHOW in Canada, InterBuildExpo in Ukraine, DIY&HANDMADE in South Korea, Supernamai in Lithuania, DOMICATEC in Greece! Through the fairs we are not only able to find new clients and partners. But we are more importantly able to have personal contact with visitors and customers, thus allowing us to greater develop our products to match our customers needs. 

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Sustainability Certification:

Silk Plaster has the CE Mark, is certified in Europe and is constantly getting awards for its quality and environmentally –friendly values.  The Silk Plaster - wall covering material meets the requirements of AgBB-Scheme (Cologne, Germany), EU Declaration of Performance (DoP), Fire test (under COFRAC standards in France) and M1 emmision certificate of building materials (Helsinki, Finland).

Silk Plaster company has gained the international eco award for building and decorative materials "E3 Awards 2014" and after the rigorous assessment by experts received a certificate and an eco-quality label "E3 Ecology, Energy, Efficiency”

At the BIG5 exhibition Silk Plaster was officially awarded for being an Eco-Friendly product.

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