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Thank you for visiting

Dear friends, on behalf of Silk Plaster USA we want to say thank you for visiting New York Build 2022.

For many visitors experience with Silk Plaster was truly amazing. Compare any wall coverings with Silk Plaster you will see that Silk Plaster has way more advantages over traditional wallpaper or wall paint. Easy to apply, repair or replace. Silk Plaster made out silk, therefore it provides additional sound and thermo insulation. Does not attract dust, does not cause an allergy because of its 100% organic materials. Silk Plaster could be applied to any surface, conceals all dents cracks and imperfections on the wall. Giving you a seamless, textured and cozy to touch surface.

Special thanks to Vito Cardinale from Cardinal Enterprises who joined Silk Plaster family as our new partner.

For over 25 years Silk Plaster operates in over 140 countries, with more than 900 partners worldwide. Looking to become a partner? Join Silk Plaster family, by calling 212-207-0047 or send us an email Marketing@SilkPlaster.US

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