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Beautiful Renovation

Silk Plaster - wallcovering material for interior design will turn outdated walls into a royal look. Silk Plaster - aka liquid wallpaper made out of 100% organic silk, cellulose and decorative adhesives.

- Can be applied almost to any surface such as: glass, tiles, concrete blocks, pvc panels and more evenly without seems or joints giving a surface smooth and cozy texture.

- Silk Plaster is resistant to UV rays and does not fade over the years;

- Silk Plaster has thermo and sound resistant capabilities;

- Eco Friendly organic material, all components are natural.

- Easy to apply, remove and repair.

- Do it yourself.

Silk Plaster became first European eco friendly - liquid wallpaper manufacture since 1997. For over 25 years Silk Plaster brand is recognized in over 140 countries, with over 900 distribution centers worldwide.

For more information YouTube Silk Plaster - in 15 minutes you will know what an amazing material was invented in 1997.



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