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Silk Plaster South Collection

Do you want to feel like a magician? Just add water to the Silk Plaster special mix, apply with plastic trowel and WOW. You just turned outdated wall paint into a royal look.

Silk Plaster has many advantages, among of them: - Walls that can breathe. - Thanks to the special fibers in the composition, Silk Plaster is noise observant as well as thermo resistant capabilities. - Silk Plaster is completely safe. The coating does not emit harmful substances into the air as well as Silk Plaster does not has any smell itself. - Thanks to the special texture, the coating will conceal all the defects, cracks and imperfections of the wall.

Among of 20 collections offered by Silk Plaster, the South collection occupies a special role. The South collection from Silk Plaster is based on bright "southern" colors and multi-colored granite structure. The collection is suitable for any room.



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