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Liquid Wallpaper - Care & Maintenance

Is your decision in favor of light walls often influenced by the idea of ​​their future care?

We have all had a dream of beautiful, white walls that will make the interior brighter, more spacious, more modern, just like as seen on Pinterest or some deco magazines. BUT the idea of ​​caring for them causes quite a headache. At the end of the day, everything depends on the material chosen and its properties. It will also determine how easy the walls will be to maintain.

We hope that what you have read about the care of Silk Wallpapers material in the future will break the stereotypes about the choice of light-shaded walls and allow you to fulfill that glorious dream of beautiful white walls.

Silk Wallpapers decorative plaster has an antistatic effect and practically does not attract dust, so it does not require special care. Due to external conditions, your walls become a little darker, you can restore their cleanliness by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft, brush-like nozzle. Move the nozzle softly across the surface - it will quickly refresh the color without damaging the delicate texture of the material.

Are you ready to learn more about liquid wallpaper care? Next time we will publish a post on how to take care of grease or other hard to clean stains.



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